19, Apr, 2021
What Is Hemp? | Learn About The Hemp Plant – Ministry of Hemp

What Is Hemp? | Learn About The Hemp Plant – Ministry of Hemp

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What is Hemp?  

The term hemp is used when referring to the fiber from the Cannabis plant, and is different in both uses and applications from Marijuana. Hemp has over 25,000 available uses, from health supplements to clothing and accessories. Although Hemp and Marijuana are both derived from the Cannabis plant, they are both very different in uses and effects.

Uses of Hemp  

Hemp can be used for thousands of products; Hemp is non-toxic and will not harm the environment. A few common uses for Hemp are:

Hemp can be used to create paper and paper products; hemp grows much faster than traditional trees and can be harvested and used at a much higher rate.

Hemp oil can be used in any oil-based product, such as oil for lanterns and paint. In fact, paint manufactured from Hemp oil goes much farther when applying than normal paint products.

Skin care products created from Hemp contain an EFA content, making them exceptional at moisturizing.

Hemp seeds contain a protein that is more nutritious and economical to produce than soybean; but will not alter your state of mind in any way.

Hemp fibers can be used to make clothing, and many celebrities will use this fiber in their clothing lines. Hemp grows 2 to 3 times faster than cotton trees, and clothing made from hemp will last longer than traditional clothes made from cotton and other materials.

The Benefits of Using Hemp

In regards to the production and environmental effects of growing Hemp, there is no plant or tree species that is equal. Building materials can be used from Hemp, as opposed to lumber used by growing and harvesting trees. This plays a major role in reducing our carbon footprint, and is much better for the environment.

We’ve gone over some common uses for hemp, but hemp is also has some very amazing health benefits as well. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to:

Considered a nut, Hemp seeds are very nutritious, and contain 30% fat; they have been shown to contain both Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Hemp seeds are a great source of protein, 25% of their calories come from protein.

Hemp seeds can aid in digestion; as they contain soluble fiber, which is a valuable source of beneficial good bacteria.

Hemp seeds can reduce the effects of PMS and menopause. Studies have shown that due to the essential fatty acids found in hemp seeds, Women have noticed a direct correlation to a decrease of symptoms related to PMS and menopause.


After being shown all the facts and benefits about Hemp, it is no wonder why this amazing plant has been proven time and time again to be beneficial not only to the environment, but to individual health as well. In recent years, Hemp seeds have been recognized as a super-food, more beneficial to your health than others such as almonds or Flax seeds. Hemp has so many uses, and in the future will probably be a staple to any household due to the health benefits, as well as the low impact on the environment.